About This Site

This site was originally designed as an excercise in teaching myself the basics of CSS and then became a place where prospective employers could download supporting information for job applications.

The site is standards compliant and designed to work in any browser, validating as XHTML 1.0 and CSS.

The design is fluid, allowing resizing of the browser window and viewing at different resolutions without distortion. Best of all, the pages are small and thus very fast to load over even the slowest connection. The largest page is 5.5KB and the largest image 6.5 KB.

The news section on the front page uses MagpieRSS, an open source RSS newsfeed parser for PHP. Magpie uses a server-side cache for the newsfeeds and by using a cron job to refresh the cache every hour, the feed is never fetched and parsed when viewing the page, speeding up loading time. As an additional bonus, Magpie will serve the cached version of the feed if the remote server is down or times out. The result is continually updated content on the front page (handy for improving search engine rankings) without any of those annoying waits for the feed to be fetched and displayed.